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Make this like the professional! 3 ingredients chocolate truffles (French: Truffles au Chocolat) 三個食材做出法式松露巧克力,媲美專業主廚!

I use Greek yogurt to make the ganache and I use the beetroot powder for topping to make the beautiful rouge color for valentine’s day’s theme! 我使用希臘優格來製作甘奈許然後使用甜菜根粉做面料製造出美麗的胭脂紅色以符合情人節的主題!

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Getting ready for Valentine’s Day? Try this beautiful Italian dessert: Zabaglione with mixed berries 準備好要過情人節了嗎?試試看這個漂亮的義大利甜點:沙巴雍蛋酒混合莓果

Zabaglione is fragrant, tasty and creamy.The liquor balances the sweetness of the dessert and lifts up the spirit. I recommend that the best timing to exchange gifts is when this beautiful dessert is served! 沙巴雍充滿香氣,美味又綿密。酒的味道平衡了甜點的甜味而且可以讓精神小亢奮。我推薦交換禮物最好的時間點就是在這道漂亮的甜點上桌的時候。

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Lunar New Year customs and food in Taiwan (General) 台灣的農曆新年習俗及食物(總論)

Lunar New Year is not only celebrated by Chinese, but also by many other Asian countries, such as Korea, Vietnam, etc.Do you know the meanings and origins of the symbols, signs, or activities in Chinese New Year when you go to the parade? Now let’s have some basic exploration! 農曆新年不只是中國人的節日,許多其他亞洲國家比如韓國或是越南等等也慶祝農曆新年。當你去中國年遊行的時候,你知道這些符號,標誌,或是活動的含義跟來源嗎?現在讓我們來做簡單的探索吧!

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Super Bowl LIII tonight, join Americans to watch one of the biggest annual sports event! 你今晚看超級盃了嗎?加入美國人一起看這個年度最大的體育盛事之一吧!

One of the biggest annual sporting events in the United States, the Super Bowl, also sometimes known as the Big Game, is the final championship game of the National Football League (NFL). 超級盃,也稱為大賽,是美國年度最大體育盛事之一是國家美式橄欖球(足球)聯盟最終決賽。

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Comforting one-pot Taiwanese Sesame oil chicken rice (signature meal for women after childbirth) 暖心一鍋煮:台式麻油雞飯(經典作月子餐)

Staying home to avoid the polar vortex? Try this traditional Taiwanese comforting food: Sesame oil chicken rice (NOT the “sesame chicken” you see in American Chinese takeout.) 在家躲避極地渦旋嗎?試試這道傳統的台灣溫暖料理:麻油雞飯(這可不是你在美式中餐館吃到的芝麻雞喔!)

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Turn leftover into gold: Tomato basil pasta made with Czech mini dumplings and herb oil 剩菜變黃金:用捷克迷你水餃跟香料油做的蕃茄羅勒義大利麵

I use the leftovers to create this pasta with other 5 simple fresh ingredients. This pasta is super flavorful and we hoped that I had more leftover to make more servings! 我用冰箱的剩菜加上另外五種新鮮食材來做義大利麵。這個義大利麵非常有風味,我們真恨不得有多的剩菜可以多做幾份呢!

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